Welcome to Yeleni Therapy & Support

Are you living with cancer?
or do you know someone who is?

Nicky Heath
Charity Founder & C.E.O

Everyone’s experience of cancer is unique so here at Yeleni we offer a free, tailor made programme of up to nine complementary therapies.

We also provide ongoing support via self help groups, workshops and classes to anyone with any form of cancer at any point in their cancer journey, whether it be upon diagnosis, during treatment or post treatment.

All you have to do is to make an appointment with one of our nurse therapists, Sue or Liz, who will talk you through your options and find out what you need to help you on your way back to a sense of wellbeing.

All of our therapists are experienced, well qualified and dedicated to helping you towards feeling better in yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Our caring, friendly staff look forward to meeting you in our warm and welcoming centre.

Having recently been awarded a Macmillan Quality Environment Mark you can trust in the quality of our care and professionalism as we have been nationally recognised as a centre of cancer care excellence.

Simply pick up the phone and call 01432 342 342

or email us on info@yelenisupport.co.uk

We are here for you.