Our Patrons

Our Patrons

Lady Darnley

The Dowager Countess of Darnley

I am delighted to have been invited to become Patron of Yeleni. 

In  2016 I was honoured to present The Queen’s Award to Voluntary Service to Nicky Heath and her team, the equivalent of an MBE to an individual, which was  achieved after a very stringent process and in competition with others across the country.  

All of those involved were highly impressed by the level of care given at Yeleni to cancer patients, survivors and their families, through a wide range of alternative therapies.  

In 2018 Yeleni was awarded The Macmillan Quality Environment Award, another national recognition of their excellence. 

Nicky Heath and her dedicated team of therapists bring comfort and renew strength for people dealing with the enormous challenges of cancer; the care and support  that they give is simply outstanding, and it is a privilege for me to become their Patron. 


It has been my pleasure and privilege to be patron of Yeleni Therapy & Support since 2014. I hugely admire the aims of this local, award winning, cancer charity which works so hard to serve the growing number of cancer patients in and around Hereford by offering their free programme of therapies and support to anyone at any age with any cancer at any stage. 

According to NHS statistics there are about 7,500 people currently living with cancer in Herefordshire and this figure is set to rise to 11,000 by 2030.

This highlights the important role that Yeleni will continue to play in supporting cancer patients in this county, their families and carers. 

I take my hat off to Nicky and her brilliant team, and I was delighted to hear that they had been awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark, which reflects the undoubted high standard of care that everyone receives when they attend the centre.

I wish them massive success in the coming years, and will continue to support them as best I can. 

Thank you Yeleni!

Jesse Norman MP