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When I was faced with the diagnosis, “you’ve got cancer”, it was like I had been given a death sentence. A horrible and powerless feeling came over me and stayed for several weeks and more as I entered my Chemotherapy treatment. Thank goodness these feelings were soon lifted by a team of kind, professional people at the Yeleni Therapy & Support.

From first setting foot into the centre with my husband and daughter a feeling of calm acceptance and a deep understanding of what we were all experiencing was in itself a great relief. On arrival I was welcomed with genuine empathy and offered a nice cup of tea.

During a friendly chat they were able to identify my needs whether it be Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, Aromatherapy or relaxation.

I love my sessions with Nicky who has what I call “healing hands” as she gives my sensitive body a good, deep, but gentle aromatherapy massage. I cannot praise Yeleni Therapy & Support enough. To Nicky, with her team of angels I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I have a brain tumour and was pointed in the direction of Yeleni by my Nurse Specialist.

The therapies I have help me to de-stress, relax and help with aches and pains caused by my condition.

I find many of the side effects of the brain tumour bring physical, emotional and psychological problems to my day to day life.

I find the mixture of the therapies I can access means all these needs can be addressed within a session each week, giving a holistic feeling of improvement.

There is no doubt my situation has been eased because of Yeleni.

The whole ethos and the positive friendly help of all the staff within a great atmosphere within the building enhances the overall effectiveness.

It is never made to feel clinical, simply therapeutic. Yeleni will find a way of moulding its therapies to meet the needs of the service user, not offer a one size fits all solution. You as an individual matter to them.