Kate Bishop

Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor

Hi, my name is Kate Bishop,

I am a Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor.

I have a long standing interest in complementary therapy and started my training in 2005.

I have now been qualified for over 6 years, and an instructor for over 18 months.

I work with adults and children, covering many issues and problems. Much of my work is with those suffering from stress-related illness or working to overcome trauma, but the beauty of kinesiology is that it can be used for almost any condition or issue, on the premise that we are balancing the energy.

Rather than looking at “treating” just one set of symptoms, we are working holistically on physical and emotional levels.

Kinesiology is all about muscles and movement, with many branches of kinesiology working in various ways to check or test muscle response in order to gain feedback from the body.

“TFH” is the most widely used kinesiology in the world, and many people use it in conjunction with other methods or therapies.

It is brilliantly simple, yet has vast scope in the ways it can be used, and can make a profound difference to your life.

Therapies I provide:

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