Yeleni Therapy and Support Centre in Herefordshire is such an important resource to the public in our county. Healthwatch and Yeleni have worked well together to tell the public about what support and activities are available to them to support them and improve their quality of life at a challenging time.

Yeleni offers a vital community service and resource to people of all ages and addresses a need locally which is not otherwise catered for.

As part of our work with Macmillan and the local hospital in 2018-19 asking patients and Carers what they need to live well with and beyond cancer, they told us:

  • About the importance of support groups for people living with cancer and their families too.
  • The benefits of complementary therapy and relaxation.
  • Provision of informal services specific to cancer.
  • Helping and supporting people to be resilient.
  • Education and information on coping and managing their condition.


All these things can be accessed through Yeleni Therapy and Support Centre.

We are looking forward to working with Yeleni around two of our current priorities; mental health and men’s health. We can promote the important services of Yeleni to people we engage with, and also we can hear the voice of Yeleni clients to tell us what more can be done to improve men’s health and mental health.