Kinesiology is a hands on therapy that uses muscle testing to identify imbalances within the body.

Working through light clothing either lying down or sitting, the muscles are monitored within specific ranges of movement against light pressure.

The biofeedback response of the muscle will then highlight areas of imbalance.

These imbalances can affect the body Structurally, Emotionally, Energetically or Biochemically.

A consultation takes place at the beginning of the session identifying areas of concern and a goal is set.

The identified imbalances can then be addressed in a variety of methods such as:

  • Structural release
  • Meridians balancing
  • Neuro-lymphatic massage
  • Nutritional  advice
  • Positive goal setting
  • Flower essences.

Kinesiology has been reported to help all age groups with many conditions such as:

Anxiety Food sensitives
Stress Digestive problems
Bereavement issues IBS and bloating
Life event changes Skin problems
Past event trauma Sleep issues
Structural issues Low energy
Back pain Accelerated recovery from
illness, surgery or injury.
Hormonal balancing Menopause symptoms

First appointment £68 (90 Minutes)
Follow up appointments £48 (50 Minutes)

Please note that any recommended supplements, will be charged separately.

To book an appointment please call the centre on: 01432 342 342 or email us at:

Therapists who offer this therapy

Jenny Edwards