Yoga is a system that teaches how to balance your life more harmoniously. When we are out of balance our relationship with others and the world around us  causes problems.

In this approach to Yoga we coordinate simple movements of the body with the breath to bring us back into harmony and balance.



  • Improving sleeping patterns
  • Improving digestion and elimination
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Managing low energy and fatigue
  • Increased mobility and strength.

Individual lessons will benefit those who have a therapeutic need they wish to address with a home practice. I usually meet people monthly – and often more frequently at the beginning. This can vary of course – some may come weekly, others monthly or at longer intervals. Students will find most benefit if they commit to at least 4-6 sessions initially.

Seated Chair Yoga group classes are available for up to 5 people, suitable for people with reduced mobility, low energy and fatigue.

Yoga 1 to 1:
60 minute session £50
30 minute session £30

Yoga classes - 60 minute session £10

To book an appointment please call the centre on: 01432 342 342 or email us at:

Therapists who offer this therapy

Mike Young