Mike Young

Yoga and Alexander Technique Teacher

Hi, my name is Mike.

I specialise in Yoga and the Alexander Technique.

We all tend to do things in the way we have always done them and often in an habitual, automatic manner that uses a lot of unnecessary muscular effort.

By learning to recognise these patterns, we can learn to let go of this unnecessary tension.

People whatever their age typically experience improvement in dealing with:

  • Back, neck and joint pain
  • Muscle tension and stiffness
  • Breathing and vocal problems
  • Anxiety and stress related conditions
  • Recovery from surgery and illness
  • Low energy and fatigue

I have been practicing and studying yoga for nearly 30 years.  I qualified as a yoga teacher in 1992 and have taught in schools, universities, businesses, the NHS and spent over 12 years teaching yoga to Prisoners.

I have  a qualification in counselling (Dip couns) and have also spent the last 20 years studying and practising Jyotish (Indian astrology.)

More recently I have completed a 2 year training in Ayurveda, a sister discipline of Yoga which deals with health and lifestyle.

In my one to one work I combine Yoga, with insight from Ayurveda and astrology in designing practices for people to enable  health and well being.

I became interested in The Alexander Technique and the similarities between the two disciplines and qualified as an Alexander Teacher in 2012.

For information about Yoga or the Alexander Technique you can contact me on: 07913 864 744  or 01981 250 341 or email me at: info@yogaskies.co.uk

Watch videos of me in action (Click the image to play the video):

Alexander Technique

Chair Yoga

Fitness Yoga

Mike Young offers these therapies:

Alexander Technique