About Yeleni Therapy & Support

Why are we here?

Our cancer charity wants to reach out and support as many cancer patients as possible, as there will be an increasing need for our services in years to come.

As of the end of 2010 around 5,900 people in Herefordshire were living with and beyond cancer up to 20 years after diagnosis.

This could rise to an estimated 11,500 by 2030.

Therefore currently there could be as many as 7,500 people living with cancer in Herefordshire with around 537 new cancer diagnoses per 100,000 people each year.

Current Statistics from Cancer Research show that there are over 200 different types of cancer and that 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will have some type of cancer during their lifetime.

We also offer therapies to the general public. We aim to support anyone with their health and can hopefully help them maintain a sense of well being

The inspiration behind Yeleni

The charity founder is Nicky Heath; she set up Yeleni Therapy & Support (reg no 1118969) on 1st June 2010 at 2, Blackfriars Street, Hereford.

Here is the Yeleni story in Nicky’s own words:

“My sister in law, Sandy, had breast cancer and told me about Breast Cancer Haven in London.

She said how lovely the centre was and how much she enjoyed the therapies and how she felt supported.

Then a Haven came to Hereford and I worked there for seven years as a therapist whilst running my own therapy centre, Healing Earth, with my partner Peter.

I was able to witness first hand how the various therapies helped the women I met through their breast cancer journey.

They all found the complementary therapies, self help groups and classes invaluable as they coped with the rigors of their conventional treatments.

Their mental, physical and emotional well being was undoubtedly improved by the therapies that they received.

Also during that time I worked with Hannah and Sam, two children who both had cancer.

They too, gained a lot of benefit from the complementary support that I offered in that they were calmer and some of their chemotherapy side effects were eased.

So feeling inspired to reach out to the many people living with cancer in Hereford, myself and a team of therapists trained at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol and learned all about working with people with cancer.

I then set up my complementary health centre & cancer charity Yeleni Therapy & Support in our present location in 2010.

We offer free complementary therapies, plus on going support via self help groups, classes and workshops to anyone with any form of cancer to support them on their cancer journey.

We also work with the general public.

We are totally independent; we receive no government funding and are reliant upon donations, grants and fund raising to meet our costs.

We also use a percentage from every paid for therapy to support our free complementary programme for cancer patients.

We aim to be the place “where help is always at hand” and now that we have achieved our Macmillan Quality Environment Mark you can rely upon our warm welcome and caring professionalism.”

Where we are now

People often ask Nicky where the name Yeleni came from, as it is so unusual.

This is a story in itself…

Back in 2001, I was teaching my first ever Reiki class.

I was standing in the centre of the circle linking in with the energy of Reiki prior to attuning my first Reiki initiate, when I suddenly heard the name Yeleni, in my head out of nowhere.

I asked within myself who this name was for and was told that it was for me, my spiritual name if you will.

I didn’t know how I was to use this name until I was thinking about what to call the cancer charity.

The reason being that upon trying to find out what the name Yeleni meant all I could find was that it is a derivative of the Ancient Greek name Helen which means “bringer of light”.

To me this seemed a perfect description of what we are trying to do with Yeleni, bringing “ light” to those in the darkness of illness, bringing the “light” of education and wellbeing in supporting those who are living with cancer.

We are totally independent

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Where help is always at hand

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